Bank Estimation

Bank Estimation & Valuation of Land & Building

Valuation of building or property is the method of calculating the present marketable cost of a building. Valuation of a building depends on the sort of building, its structure, durability, location, size, shape, the width of roads, frontage, types and quality of building materials used and the cost of these materials.

We are an government approved valuers and we excel in offering the best valuation services for various types of properties in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors to clients .

The valuation of a building also depends on the demands for purchase which varies from time to time. More demands make the building more valuable.

Methods of Valuation of Buildings and Properties
Following are the different methods of valuations of the property:
  • Rental Method of Valuation
  • Direct comparison with capital value
  • Valuation based on profit
  • Valuation based on cost
  • Development method of valuation
  • Depreciation method of valuation
Factors Affecting Valuation Of Properties
The factors affecting valuation of properties are listed below:-
  • Demand and supply of the property
  • Maintenance of the property
  • The cost of construction
  • Purpose of purchase of properties
  • Life of property
  • Rise in population
  • Location of property

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